Five Tricks to Reduce Snoring and Sleep Better

a-man-sleeping-on-a-tableSnoring, snoring, snoring. There are many spouses cringing right now just by hearing the word. The act has caused tension in relationships, the use of separate bedrooms and even break ups. Fortunately, there are several things a snoring person can do to cease their noisy slumber.

To begin with, gargle with a peppermint mouthwash. The attributes of peppermint will shrink the inside of your nose and throat so the air can flow freely and not make noise. This may not work for all snorers, but those that snore lightly, or are snoring due to a cold, will find relief.

Also, losing ten percent of your total weight will help lessen the sounds, or better yet, remove them completely. It may sound easier than it really is, but reducing the weight on your chest as you sleep will lessen the noise. There are, of course, an immeasurable amount of health benefits from dropping weight. For some people, ten percent can mean anywhere from fifteen to thirty pounds, or more. A small amount of weight can be lost easily just by drinking more water and removing sweets from your diet.

Drinking alcohol in large amounts will often lead to heavy snoring, or heavier snoring for those that already snore, because the alcohol will cause lax muscles. The muscles that support the throat and jaw can get so relaxed that they can slightly constrict the flow of air, thus causing excessive snoring.

When lying in bed, be sure to keep your head well elevated on a sturdy, comfortable pillow. By lying flat on your back, once more, the air does not flow free enough to prevent snoring. Likewise, sleeping on your side will help alleviate some of the pressure that pushes down on the chest that often contributes to heavy snoring.

Do not rule out breathing strips that help open the nasal cavity. These items are found at most drug stores, and are placed on the outside of the nose with the affixed adhesive. Breathing strips are very helpful when the snoring is related to a cold or allergies. In addition, there are some new products that are designed to hold the jaw in a position which prevents you from snoring , they are called chin-straps, from the information about my snoring solution chin strap we can say that it looks promising.